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In 1987 by Michael Ellis who is a Panamanian record producer and founder of New Creation Enterprises, where artists such as Edgardo Franco (aka) "El General", Smooth the Hustler, Pesos, Tricky, El Profeta, Calito Soul, Owie Irie and Frank Bent (aka) "Killer Ranks" were born. Michael Ellis is responsible for the genres RegRapBlues, Spanish Reggae and Reggaeton.

Michael Ellis produced the smash hits as "El Gran Pana", "El Maestro", "Son Bow", "Buduff Kun Kun", "Te Ves Buena", "La Quemé", "El Paré", "No Mas Guerra", "Wine Your Body", "Cross The Border", "Caramelo", "Mermaid Body" , "Muevelo, Muevelo" with New Creation/BMG , "Hombre Murio" with New Creation/Columbia Records, "Do That to Me One More Time", and "Killing you Suave" by Killer Ranks in association with Warner Brothers.

This movement was a product of a team of individuals along with Michael Ellis such as Nando Alvarechi, Luis Pisterman (Former Vice President of WEA Latina), Jesus Lopez (Former VP of Latin North America at BMG International), Hector Marcano and Freddy Beras-Goyco all played a role in marketing and exposing at the time, the mostly unknown genre of Reggaeton.

The full story has been documented here:

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Reggaeton is a mixture of Latin and Caribbean sounds to create a wonderful genre of music. It is said to have begun around the 1960s-70s in places like Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Panama. The reggaeton movement is credited to Michael Ellis an includes legends such as Superchat, Cutty Ranks, Nicodemus, and the great Bob Marley.

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stores of rap,reggaeton

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Q: Who founded reggaeton music?
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What is the origin of reggaeton?

Reggaeton music originated from Latin and Caribbean music. It is a subgenre of reggae, and appeared in the 1970s. It was developed in Panama and Puerto Rico.

Where can you download reggaeton music?

Buy it on iTunes.

Which music do you listen to in Chile?

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How is the phrase 'canciones de reggaeton' translated into English?

Canciones de reggaeton is a Spanish phrase translates to Reggaeton music or lyrics. This also happens to be the name a website that hosts reggeaton videos.

Does Plan B perform the music genre of reggaeton?

Yes, Plan B does perform the music genre of reggaeton as states on the official wikipedia page. Other information can be found on the wikipedia itself.

What is some music in the dominican republic?

bachata, merengue, reggaeton, salsa.

Where can one track the origins of the reggaeton dance?

Reggaeton is a form of urban music that has its origins in Latin America. The dance form that accompanies the music comes from Panama and Puerto Rico and one can track the origins there.

What does 'videos de reggaeton' mean in English?

Reggaeton is a music genre, which is a blend of the common Jamaican reggae with other Latin genres such as salsa and Latin hip hop. Literally, "videos de reggaeton" is a Spanish phrase meaning "videos of reggaeton" and would be a typical search term for one looking for reggaeton videos online.

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The genre of music is spelled reggaeton(Spanish-influenced urban music of Puerto Rico).

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Musica de reggaeton is a type of dance music that became popular in the 1990's. It is a musical style that blends Jamaican reggae with Latin American and hip hop music.