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Some guy named stephen.....

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Q: Who is Taylor Swift's best guy friend?
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Who is the guy in Taylor swifts music videos?

its Justin gaston

Who is Taylor swifts song i knew you were trouble about?

A guy she broke up with.

Who is the guy in Taylor swifts song mine?

her love interest in the music video is played by Toby Hemingway

Is tayloralisonswift Taylor swifts moshi monsters name?

A repair guy taught her how to play a few chords on guitar

Is the guy in mine really Taylor swifts boyfriend?

No. His name is Toby Michael Hemingway, he's a British actor but not her boyfriend.

What is taylor swifts favorite celebrity guy?

Tim McGraw as he was her inspiration. Although if you are talking about "boyfriend" guy, then the answer would be that it changes a lot, so there really is no definite answer.

What is tied together with a smile by Taylor swift about?

It's about a guy who likes a girl, but she's dating his best friend.

What can you call your best guy friend?

You can call him your bgf as in best guy friend

Should Taylor Lautner date Taylor Swift?

"Taylor Launter will brake Taylor Swifts heart again!! So No." um whoever said that is wrong cause Taylor Lautner was the only guy who treated Taylor in an amazing way. He truly loved her, just listen to Back To December, it's about Lautner.

What do you do if the guy you like likes your best friend but your best friend doesnt even like this guy?

i will tell the guy that i like him the rest is upto him.

What do you do if you like a guy but hes your best friend?

The best person to date is your best friend.

What do you do if you like a guy that is older then you but your friends say that your best guy friend likes you?

dont go for your best guy friend i think. it depends on what you want, and most of the time a relationship with your best guy friend turns out to be a mistake, and then you've probable lost a very good friend...