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Barbara Streisand's husband is actor James Brolin.

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Q: Who is barbra strisans husband?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Dear Barbra - 1999?

The cast of Dear Barbra - 1999 includes: Barbra Padgett as Barbra

What is the birth name of Barbra Bolle?

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Who is Streisand's husband?

Barbra Streisand's husbands name is James Brolin, he played in a Dr. series on TV many years ago. He is an actor mostly/

Who wrote the song evergreen?

Among others, Barbra Streisand.

Who where barbra Streisands boyfriends?

Barbra Streisand had many boyfriends, Elliot Gould whom was her first husband. They had Jason together but later on divorced. She's dated Ryan O'Neal (actor), Don Johnson (actor), James Howard (composer), Andre Agrassi (Tennis Player), Jon Peters who was a hair dresser but eventually became a famous produce from the help of Barbra, Liam Neeson (actor), Pierre Trudeau (Canadian Prime Minister), Kris Kristofferson, and Peter Jennings. James Brolin who is her present husband they marriend in 1998.

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Apparently it is called "Cavatina" by Howard Brockway Opus 13

Is Barbra Streisand single?

No, Barbra Streisand is not single.

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