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Eric Clapton

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Q: Who is more popular Eric Clapton or Tom Petty?
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Who is more popular Eric Clapton or Van Morrison?

Eric Clapton

Who is more famous Eric Clapton or Tom Petty?

It would probably be Clapton, since he's performed in more areas of the world and sold more records; but Petty did very well for himself also.

Is Eddie Van Halen more popular than Eric Clapton?


Who is more popular Eric clapton or the rolling stones?

Both are hugely popular, but the Stones win this one because they sold more records and made more money than Clapton.

Is Eric Clapton more popular than Jimi Hendrix?

yes because eric was here first and jimi is just a show of

What is the value of a guitar signed by Eric Clapton?

2,000 or more

Who is more popular tom petty or john mellencamp?

Tom Petty

Who is more popular Van Morrison or Tom Petty?

Tom Petty

How much is a 1996 Eric clapton signature series fender stratocaster worth?

More than you can count to

Why did Eric Clapton write the song tears in heaven?

Eric Clapton wrote this song because he was grieved over the death of his young son. For more details check out

Who is more popular Bob Dylan or Eric Clapton?

I would put them about the same. Clapton, though is the far better musician and is can out play Dylan. I saw Dylan in concert and it was the worse concert I have ever been to. Some of the songs he didn't seem to know. I would love to go to a Clapton concert.

How many records has Eric Clapton sold?

8 no 1 singles in USA. Countless others across the world. At least 6 no 1 albums,probably more.