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meg white

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Meg white

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Q: Who is the drummer for the White Stripes?
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Do the white stripes have a female drummer and whats her name?

The White Stripes do have a female drummer, and her name is Meg White. She is the ex-wife of Jack White, the frontman and only other member of the group.

How many people are in the white stripes?

2. jack white (guitairst and lead vocalist) meg white (drummer)

Is the drummer from White Stripes Jack White's sister?

No, her name is Meg. Her and Jack used to be married and are now divorced.

Was katey segal married to jack white from the white stripes?

sorry I have no idea>

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What are some easy soft rock songs to play at a talent show with just a drummer and a guitar?

Since White Stripes is a two-piece band with only a guitarist and a drummer, start there. Seven Nation Army is easy to learn and will make you famous!