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the first Kevin Jonas is Kevin Jonas from the Jonas brothers bands dad he is the first

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Q: Who is the first Kevin Jonas?
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Does Kevin Jonas have a son?

Kevin Jonas the first, (father of the Jonas Brothers) does have children but Kevin Jonas the second (the one in the Jonas Brothers band) does not.

Is Kevin Jonas first name is paul?

No its Kevin

What is Joe Jonas father's name?

Paul Kevin Jonas I. (His first son is Paul Kevin Jonas II.)

Who is the Jonas Brothers' father?

I'm not sure of his middle name but his first and last are Kevin Jonas. Revised: Actually his name is Paul Kevin Jonas I. His sons are Paul Kevin Jonas II, Joseph Adam Jonas, and Nicholas Jerry Jonas, and Frankie Nathaniel Jonas and their mom is Denise Marie Jonas.

What was the first Jonas Brothers?

I'm not sure if you mean who was the first Jonas Brother or not, but Kevin Jonas was who is also known as Paul Kevin Jonas ll. But, if you mean What was the first Jonas Brothers song, then it was Please Be Mine.

Who is the first born of the Jonas Brothers?

Kevin Jonas is the oldest Jonas Brother and the first born !

What is the Jonas brother's first names?

Nick Jonas Joe Jonas Kevin Jonas

Who was the first one to be born in the Jonas brothers?

Kevin Jonas

What is the Jonas's brothers first names?

Nicholas Jerry Jonas (Nick) Joseph Adam Jonas (Joe) Paul Kevin Jonas II (Kevin)

How many girlfriends did Kevin Jonas have?

Kevin Jonas has had 10 girlfriends from the age of his first girlfriend to 15.

What are the first name of the Jones brothers?

nick Jonas, joe Jonas, and Kevin Jonas

What Kevin Jonas name?

Kevin's full name is Paul Kevin Jonas . He is called Kevin after his father, that is what he uses as first name. His nickname K2 ,because he is Kevin Jonas II. I'm not sure if he has had it legally canged.

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