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Sarah Harding. Kimbeley Walsh got kicked out but one of the girls was breaking the rules so kimbeley was aloud back and the band have been them ever since x

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โˆ™ 2009-12-03 14:34:58
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Q: Who is the lead singer of girls aloud?
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Who is the lead singer of the group Girls Aloud?

The lead singer of the group Girls Aloud is know as Nadine Elizabeth Louise Coyle. She is not really the lead since all 5 girls of the band sing. Elizabeth is just more known and sometimes said to be lead singer.

Who is the best singer in girls aloud?

Nadine is the best singer in Girls Aloud, Cheryl is also very good, but her voice is not as powerful as Nadine's.

What is Kimberly Girls Aloud singer surname?


Who is lead singer?

The lead singer is a person who sings the most in a song. Here are some examples of Lead singers: Nadine (Girls Aloud) Vanessa (The Saturdays) Brad Delp (Boston). This person is usually also the leader of the musical group.

Is Girls Aloud an rnb singer?

nooo! girls aloud are the best selling UK girl group ever, even bigger than the spice girls. Google them!!!

Who is the lead singer of the spice girls?

There is no leader of the Spice Girls, They are all a group so they DO NOT have a lead singer

Who is the most populist person in girls aloud?

Cheryl Cole is most probably the most popular as she has done other things with her career and also she is the lead singer.

What does Cheryl Cole do?

She is a singer - as a member of Girls Aloud and also as a solo singer - and a judge on The X Factor.

Is there a Kimberley Jane Walsh in girls aloud?

yes there is she's the best singer

Who is Emma Diegman?

She is a single singer who is the support act for girls aloud 2009 !!!

Who is the most talented member of girls aloud?

Nadine Coyle, the lead vocal

Who is lead singer in Spice Girls?

Victoria beckehem is the lead singer of spice girls it is not Mel B because she cant sing that well

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