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Yes, Annie Lennox originally from The Tourists

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Marilyn was one of the "girls" and 2 girls from Bananarama.

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Annie Lennox

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Q: Who is the singer for the Eurythmics?
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Who is the male singer in the eurythmics?

David A. Stewart

Which Eurythmics singer released the solo album Medusa?

Annie Lennox

Eurythmics was formed in 1980 by Dave Stewart and what female singer?

Annie Lennox.

Annie Lennox was the lead singer of Eurythmics but who was her partner?

His name is Dave Stewart.

What groups has Annie Lennox been in?

The Eurythmics....with Dave Stewart.

When was The Walk - Eurythmics song - created?

The Walk - Eurythmics song - was created in 1982.

When was Live - Eurythmics video - created?

Live - Eurythmics video - was created in 1987.

Why did the Eurythmics produce the song titled Sweet Dreams?

They produced the song because of a dream that the lead singer had. There was no other real motivation for writing the song.

When was Revival - Eurythmics song - created?

Revival - Eurythmics song - was created in 1989-08.

When was Shame - Eurythmics song - created?

Shame - Eurythmics song - was created in 1987-12.

When was Revenge - Eurythmics album - created?

Revenge - Eurythmics album - was created on 1986-07-12.

When was Greatest Hits - Eurythmics album - created?

Greatest Hits - Eurythmics album - was created in 1982.