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His biggest fan Charlotte Rice love nail horan the most ever since he went on xfactor xoxooxoxox if anyone gets to meet him tell him Charlotte Rice love u sososososo much xoxo

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Q: Who loves nail horan the most?
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Does Nail Horan like spending time with his brother?

Of course he does he loves and would take care of all his family

How old is nail horan?


What is nail horan's favorite colour?


What is the most important among the three?

a giraff because NIALL HORAN loves giraffs HEHE <3

What is Nail Horan's email?

It's private hun. x

Does nail horan have any animals?

yes, he has a dog and a cat

What is nail last nae from one direction?

Niall Horan

When does Niall Horan sleep?

Most of the time. If he is not on stage or playing with his friends he would be sleeping because he loves his sleep.

Dose Niall Horan like you?

He Loves me, we are together

When is nail horans birthday?

Niall Horan's birthday is on the 13th of September

What is nail horan favourite hobbies?

eating, singing, and more eating

Which member of one direction loves n sync?

Niall Horan loves n sync