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Community members decided the social classes of the Sumerians

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Q: Who made the sumerian social classes?
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Who made up the three classes in the Sumerian social hierarchy?

Community members made up the three classes in the Sumerian society.

What were the social classes that made up sumerian society?

priests, merchants, and artisans

Sumerian social classes?

the answer is that Gilgamesh was in charge of all the money.

How did the organization of Sumerian society affect its society?

the sumerian society affect them by the social classes

Whats did not cause social classes to appear during the Old Kingdom?

Sumerian influences

What were the sumerian social classes in order of importance?

kings priests crafts people and merchants laborers salves

What are the social classes in sumerian society and who was in each one?

The three social classes would be:the upper,middle,and lower classes upper classes included preists,kinds.landowners,merchants,and government officials. middle classes included all people who were free and the lower classes included Slaves.

What role did women and slaves play in sumerian religion?

As Sumerian society grew more complex, it divided into several social groups, or classes. Many societies are divided into unequal classes. Classes of systems often define who usually has power and who usually does the less desirable jobs.

What is the Sumerian social class?

the sumerian social class is the levels of wealth

What was one of the ancient sumerian social structures?

social structure there were 4vsoical classes in ancient sumer,with the priets and government officials at the top and the slaves at lowest level.

Social classes in Maryland in 1700's?

Social classes varied. Most of the people in the classes were made of negro slaves which made up one fourth of the Maryland colony.

What caused social classes to appear during the old kingdom?

They needed government officials To increase farming For Sumerian influences To increase the population

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