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Kristina Reyes Kristina Reyes Kristina Reyes

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Q: Who plays Kristina in naked idol?
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Who does nat pick roselina or the naked idol winner?

He picks both, Rosalina and Kristina (Naked Idol Winner)

Who the new bass player in the naked brother band?

Kristina and Rosalina are the bass players for the Naked Brothers Band, and occasionally Thomas plays the bass.

Which NBB episode does Kristina become their new bass player?

Naked Idol..

Is allie dimeco back in the Naked Brothers Band?

yes, because in naked idol she had came back when the naked brothers band had let kristina the new nbb band member join but allie got mad and now after that her and kristina had became best friends and now allie is back in nbb

When was Naked Idol created?

Naked Idol was created in 2006.

After naked idol what is next?

Naked Premiere

Who is the new base player in the Naked Brothers Band?


What song did the Naked Brothers Band play in naked idol?

the song is: the world

Will ever go out with kristina Reyes from the Naked Brothers Band?

yes she is hot

Is kristina Reyes a real member of the Naked Brothers Band?


Who is Kristina Reyes from the Naked Brothers Band?

Kristina is the girl who won the band Bass player competition. She replaced Rosalina for a short time. Then when Rosalina came back in the end of last nights (april 11th) episode, they both played bass! Now her and rosalina are best friends and have a webshow called A&K (Allie & Kristina)!

Is the Naked Brothers Band over after polar bears?

No they have a new movie called Naked Idol