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Eric Carmen

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Q: Who recorded All by Myself male singer?
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The song All by Myself was recorded by what Canadian songstress?

Celine Dion

Where is the lead male singer of alphabeat from?

They're all from Denmark (:

Who is the best male singer of all times?

Kanye West.

When did Celine Dion sing all by myself?

It was recorded in 1996 for her album Falling into You.

Why is Michael Jackson the best male singer of 2010?

He's not just the best male singer of 2010, he's the best male singer of all time. PERIOD. I don't know if you live under a rock, but he's a pretty big deal.

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When did Celine Dion record the song 'All by Myself'?

Celine Dion's cover for the song 'All by myself,' which was originally made by Eric Carmen, was recorded and released in the year of 1996 and was put on her "Falling Into You" album.

Which popular singer sang a variation of rachmaninoff symphony number 2?

Eric Carmen sang "All By Myself". It went all the way to Number 2 in 1976. BTW he was lead singer with the Raspberries, of "Go all the Way" fame before that.

Who wrote all to myself marianas trench?

The lead singer , Josh Ramsay . Josh Ramsay is the primary song writer for the band.

Who country male singer sings I been thinking about this all day long?

Your Man by Josh Turner