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Eddie Murphy

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Eddie Murphy

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Q: Who sang party all the time from 1980s?
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Who sang 1980s song with lyrics all of my love?

The track name is 'Saving All My Love For You' - and was a major hit for Whitney Houston.

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All you have to do is have a whole bunch of friends and tons of candy and snacks. Make sure you play One Time sang by Justin Bieber!!! ZiZi4

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party all the time party all the time

What is the name of Michael Jackson's song where Eddie Murphy is in the video?

His most famous song was probably "Party all the time".

Who sang all time low?

set your goals.

Who sang Spending All your Time?

Aaron Fresh

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all time low

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Miley Cyrus had sang 7 things, Party In The USA ,Best Of Both Worlds, Its All right here, and hoedown throwdown

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The Wanted

When was Party All the Time created?

Party All the Time was created on 1985-09-23.

Can you say was had?

Of course you can. I said it at a party yesterday and a good time was had by all. You can also say "is had" (When we party a good time is had by all.) And you can say "will be had" (When the party starts a good time will be had by all.)

What is the name of the song my girl like to Party all the time?

"Party All The Time" is the title of the song.