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Correctly, it is 'Chain, Chain, Chain. Chain of Fools!'

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evelyn "champagne" king in 1978

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Q: Who sang shame shame shame?
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Who sang the song Its a shame the way you fool around with my heart?

monie love Actually the Spinners sang this song that was written by Stevie Wonder.

Which group sang its a shame?

if it was the rap song, early nineties it would be monie love It was also a fairly big hit in 1970 by The Spinners.

Is the saying it's a crying shame or a crime and a shame?


What are the release dates for Shame Shame Shame - 1999?

Shame Shame Shame - 1999 was released on: USA: 21 August 1999 (TV premiere) USA: 14 December 1999 (video premiere)

What if your only shame is to have shame?

Then it would be very easy not to get shameful because you would not have anything to give you shame in the first place. So, if you do not feel shame from anything but shame, you would not feel shame from anything.

Did the Andantes sing background on the Supremes You Can't Hurry Love?

No, that was Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard. The Adantes sang on most of the later stuff like Love Child, Living in Shame

What Lady Gaga song has isn't it a shame baby shame shame in it?

The Fame

What is a sentence for the word shame?

Shame on you.

What part of speech is shame?

Here a few sentences for "shame": It's a crying shame that our school doesn't have enough money for text books. It's a shame that you have to leave so soon. Mom's cooking puts mine to shame. There is no shame in finishing in second place. He felt a deep sense of shame for his crime.

What kind of animal life is common in tropical rainforests?

Shame on you for asking this question Shame for shame

What is the adjective for shame?

If a person feels shame, then they are "ashamed". If an action deserves shame, it is a "shameful" action.

When was The Shame of the Cities created?

The Shame of the Cities was created in 1904.