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Q: Who was the first artist to record the song Feeling Good?
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What artist sings sometimes i get a good feeling?

There are many songs that have good feeling in the title. However, a popular song that is called "Good Feeling" that is preformed by Flo Rida. The song was released in 2011.

Did good feeling or levels come first?

Levels came out before good feeling. Flo rosa sampled the song levels, making levels the first to be released

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Well it would depend how good they are.

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Nothing feeling good and drunk and happy and in a good mood really

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The art of an artist defines the artist as a really good or really bad artist. Good, detailed art gets you a good artist. Bad, rushed art makes a bad artist.

How did antoni gaudi become a artist?

first of all he got famous for making the buildings and people started to like his work and also his designs were really good... from childhood he was a really good artist and he loved drawing's that's how he got his drawing skills and became a really good artist.

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Nothing feeling good and drunk and happy and in a good mood really

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Is it better to sign to an independent record label or major?

The answer to this depends on what you are looking for out of a label. Personally I think that an independent record label is the way to go in the modern market. You will have more flexibility as an artist and are likely to stay out of a 360 deal. Major Record labels aren't as wealthy as they used to be so they will squeeze every penny they can out of an artist. Again, it all depends on the type of career you are trying to have. Good luck!

What is the Greek word for feeling good?

feeling good = aisthanomai kala

What was the first song Ronan Parke sang on Britain's Got Talent?

The song "Feeling Good"