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I assume that you are talking about the blonde female guitarist Jennifer Batten.

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Her name is Jennifer Batton. Here is more on her and the link to read more on her!

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Jennifer Batten

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Q: Who was the solo guitarist on Michael Jackson's Dangerous Tour?
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What were the names of Michael Jackson's concerts?

Michael Jackson had many many concert with Jackson 5 and The Jacksons but the tours that defined him most were his solo tours Bad, Dangerous and HIStory. The biggest one when he was still with the Jacksons is claimed to be the Victory tour.

Did Michael Jackson do a world tour in 1984?

The Jacksons did the Victory Tour in 1984 but only in the US and Canada, Michael's first solo world tour was in 1987.

Did Michael Jackson ever perform Thriller live?

Yes he did, on Bad Tour, Dangerous Tour & HIStory Tour.Yes he did, on Bad Tour, Dangerous Tour & HIStory Tour.

Why was the 1992 tour dangerous for Michael Jackson?

It wasn't, that was just the name of the tour.

What was the name of Michael Jacksons planned tour that was cancelled when he died?

His last tour that he actually got to do was the HIStory World Tour in 1996, if he was alive This Is It would have been the last one.

What concert did eddy van halen and Michael Jackson proform together?

Jacksons Victory tour in LA in 1984

Who is Michael W Smiths female guitarist on a new hallelujah tour?

Christa Black, a very talented musician.

Who was Michael Jackson's guitatrist on the bad and dangerous tour?

Jeniffer Batten

Where has Michael Jackson performed?

Actually, yes! He performed a concert with his brothers as part of The Jacksons in their Destiny Tour in 1979. Then, Michael as a solo artist performed 3 dates in 1988 as part of his Bad Tour.

Who are Band members in Michael Jackson's songs?

On the Bad Tour beginning in 1987, the rhythm guitarist was Jon M. Clark

Name of the guitarist in Michael Jackson's last rehersals?

♫ He's had many.The most known is: Jennifer Batten, whom served as a backing guitarist on his Bad, Dangerous and Historytours. And Orianthi, whom was going to be a backing gutarist on his This Is It tour, until his untimely death.

Did Michael Jackson do a thriller tour?

There was nothing called the Thriller tour, the song Thriller was part of the set list for Michael's Bad, Dangerous and HIStory world tours.