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"I am Music, and I write the songs..." (according to Barry Manilow)

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All you need is love - beatles

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A composer.

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Q: Who writes the songs that makes the whole world sing?
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What music does he play?

He writes the songs that make the whole world sing.

Who is the songwriter of the world has its shine by cobra starship?

Gabe Saporta writes all of the songs.

When was Makes the Whole World Kin created?

Makes the Whole World Kin was created in 1911.

In Justin Bieber's new album My World 2.0 which songs in it did he right himself?

It is said that he co-writes them all. :) . But he doesn't write them fully. :(

What actors and actresses appeared in Makes the Whole World Kin - 2009?

The cast of Makes the Whole World Kin - 2009 includes: Paul Calderon as The Old Man

Who writes the songs for the Jonas Brothers?

I guess Nick writes the most, but it's not like he writes 90% out of 100%. He writes maybe 51% out of 100%. Joe and Kevin write too! They're little brother Frankie writes songs for his band! Frankie and his band change their name sometimes so I'm not sure what his bands name is though!no joe does,they all said it on a interveiw i forgot which one. -actually for the one who said joe does, your wrong. most songs are written by the Jonas brothers and other band mates. but some songs nick writes himself.these are some of songs he wrote by himself from there four albums: Time for me to fly, SOS (he wrote in less than 15 min), can't have you, got me going crazy, a little bit longer, world war III, Black keys.Kevin or joe haven't written there own songs in the albums. they've contributed together but nick has contributed in all.

How many songs have been written in the whole entire world?

more than can be kept count

How is it helpful to the world when you are a singer?

i think its helpful to the world when you are a singer because some songs you can learn from. such as the songs, what makes you beautiful,only you can be you,never say never,and much more.

Who is kim chuang huan?

Korea's best song writer ever. I love all of his songs. He writes the best song in the world I like him more than his singers!

What songs did tobymac feature in for Kirk Franklin?

i don't want to gain the whole world and lose my soul.

What has the author Edith Lovell Thomas written?

Edith Lovell Thomas has written: 'The whole world singing' -- subject(s): Children's songs, Folk songs

What are someof the one directions best songs?

In my opinion what makes you beautiful, one thing, moments, and another world are there best songs. They have lots others. What makes you beautiful was voted their breakthrough song of 2012