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Brooke Fraser of Hillsong wrote "Lead Me To The Cross"

Chris & Conrad's version of the song got on the radio, and Francesca Battistelli's version is also popular.

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2010-09-25 03:34:00
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Q: Who wrote the song Lead Me To The Cross?
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Who wrote Lead Me To The Cross?

Brooke Fraser of Hillsong wrote "Lead Me To The Cross" The radio single thou, is Chris and Conrad's version.

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Who sings the song Lead Me To the Cross?

Hillsong, Chris and Conrad, Francesca Battistelli. Hillsong wrote it, and Chris and Conrad's version is played on the radio, and their version is my favorite!

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Who wrote the gospel song 'At the Cross'?

The gospel song 'At the Cross' was written by the Hillsong Church band. One can watch and listen to the song on YouTube where it has been uploaded and viewed many times.

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