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Blown fuse or bad memory circuit Check the fuses

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Q: Why 1992 accord radio and clock reset when you turn off the car?
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How do you replace the clock on accord 1992?

How do you replace the clock on accord 1992

How do you reset the radio in a 1992 BMW 525i?

In order to reset the radio in a 1992 BMW 525i, you will need a five digit code from the manufacturer. Once you receive the code, you can check your user manual for the correct sequence to reset the radio.

1992 Toyota 4-runner clock have a fuse?

The 1992 Toyota 4-Runner does not have a separate fuse for the clock. There are, however, two fuses that control the radio and clock. At slots 18 and 19 in the fuse box, there is a mirror/radio fuse and a radio fuse.

How do you reset clock in 1992 Oldmobile 88?

With the ignition in the ON position and the radio turned off, press the SET button. You will have 5 seconds to adjust the time using the SCAN and SEEK buttons.

How do you reset viper alarm on your 1992 Honda Accord?

my ignition on my Honda accord will not turn over all of a sudden.could this have something to do with the viper alarm? thanks

How do you reset the check engine light on a 1992 Toyota tarago 1992?

remove the ecu fuse for 30 seconds or the neg. battery strap for 30 sec or so. if you remove the battery strap all clock and radio presets will be lost.

Where is the fuse located for the lighter on a 1992 Honda accord?

there is one under the dash that says radio

How do you reset maintenance indicator on a 1992 Honda Accord EX?

there is a hole for your key underneath the indicator...just stick your key in there and it will reset back to green

How do you reset radio system on a 1992 400E?

The car's User manual should have a wallet size card with a 4 digit code that you use to reset the radio when propmted

How do you reset radio code for 1992 Ford Falcon EB?

You need to ring a ford dealer with your VIN and they will give you a PIN for your radio

How do you change the clock on a 1992 Buick Skylark?

Press "SET" and then use the keys on the bottom right of the radio.

Stereo fuse on a 1992 Honda Prelude?

Engine bay fuse box (10A Radio Clock)

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