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Q: Why didn't Pixie Lott appear in Fred 2?
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Who is the character judy from Fred?

Pixie Lott played Judy - Fred's crush, in Fred The Movie.

Was pixie lott in Fred?


What is Judy's real name from the Fred?

Pixie Lott

What was pixie lott first film?

It was "Fred" and she played judy.

Does Victoria Louise Lott appear in any Harry Potter films?

Victoria Lott, or Pixie Lott, doesn't appear in any Harry Potter movies.

What is judy's name off Fred the movie?

Her name is Pixie Lott :D

How Pixie Lott got famous this year?

She guest stared in the movie "Fred" on nickelodeon.

What character did Pixie Lott play in Fred the movie?

she played judy, freds "girlfriend"

Why is pixie lott callled pixie lott?

Pixie = a nickname given by her parents Lott = derived from 'Charlotte'

Pixie lott pregnant?

Pixie Lott is not pregnant at this time.

Does judy from Fred the movie have a myspace or a facebook?

Judy from Fred the movie is pixie Lott very popular in UK and yes. She has i suspect.

Where in England is pixie lott from?

Pixie Lott is from Bromley, London, England.