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Q: Why do crows roost together on a line?
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Do crows nest or roost?


What is roost verb or noun?

The word roost is both a noun (roost, roosts) and a verb (roost, roosts, roosting, roosted). Example uses: Noun: The trees along White Street are a popular evening roost for crows. Verb: The crows only stay long enough to rest. I don't know where they roost overnight.

Where do crows roost?

Normally in dense evergreen stands.

What kind of black birds roost in trees by water in Oklahoma?


Do ravens and crows migrate in murders?

A murder of crows is a group of three or more of them. It is believed that they got this distinction because a group of crows would gather together to determine the fate of another crow in their group. Many times this led to the murder of the said cow.

Where the wild turkeys rest?

Normally they flock together in trees to roost.

What does eight birds together mean?

I believe that eight crows constitute a "murder of crows". It is an old English expression.

How many wrinkled lip bats roost together at the same time?


What part of speech is the word roost?

Roost is a noun (a roost) and a verb (to roost).

Do birds on a telephone line wire indicate the coming of rain?

No - it's simply a safe place for them to roost.

Do male and female turkey roost together in winter?

Yes. They also have babies in the winter. Dr. Matisse

When was The Roost created?

The Roost was created in 2005.