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Q: Why hackers usually don't get caught?
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World of Warcraft is sending me mail about how I try to sell my account and change my password but I don't play?

Theres Hackers, so its probably not Blizzard. Usually they only mail once. Usually Hackers will do this to get your username and password. If You are trying to sell your account usually blizzard sends one mail and if you dont stop they will ban you.

Who sells Imax movie equipment?

usually drug dealers soo dont get caught buying it!

What are some good burglar skills?

dont get caught (Y) dont get caught (Y)

Is there hacker paid A fee?

No. Hackers are usually notorious kids doing it for fun and not working for anyone.On rare occasions, some hackers do get hired by government agencies to help with certain crimes. These hackers would get paid.

Is marijuana illegal or legal?

illegal if you get caught legal if you dont get caught

Why did psn go down in 2012?

I dont believe it did it may have been maintenance but there was hackers i think in 2011

Why do teens not care about the dangers of AIDS?

teen dont care about the dangers of aids because they dont think they can caught it but i dont so resoure and 98% of teens that dont think the can caught aids get the

How do you predict a possible avalanche and what to do if caught in one?

Usually an avalanche occurs after fresh snow on a steep slope. and as for what to do in one, sorry i dont have info on that -Trevor

What hackers do after hacking?

It depends on... Usually after hacking the system, hackers escalate rights on the system, then open backdoors (by installing "illegal" software) to make possible to use the system again. And the last step hackers hide its presence by deleting or modifying log files.

What is ethical hacking versus known hacking to see what a person is doing all the time?

Well, ethical hackers hack on the behalf of a company to strengthen their defenses, hackers that attempt to spy on somebody are usually not hackers at all. They are simply people who own RAT programs that record your keystrokes and web activities. Programs usually do everything for people nowadays.

Do ethical hackers break into someone else's computer?

It's a very good possibility, ethical hackers are usually employed by a company to attempt to hack into security to check defenses. Definitely.

What motivates hackers?

Usually monetary gain, some see it as a way to protest things they are against.