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It is soothing and speaks to the soul...even though most of it is in German. Go to napster search track and type in Jesu joy of mans desiring.

If you don't mind me asking, have you ever listened to bach before?


As an avid fan of baroque-era music and Bach in particular, I find that he simply knew how to take a simple tune and draw every last drop of juice from in there (examples are Cantata BWV 140, the Art of Fugue and many others). Bach, having been a master scholar with access to hundreds of composers before and during his lifetime, as well as a player of essentially all instruments of his time - was able to create many different variations and interpretations of existing hymns. He transcribed existing music (BWV 593), wrote in traditional forms (BWV 1066-1069), wrote in 'wilder' forms (Toccata from BWV 564), wrote in all the musical keys (BWV 846-893), and even in ancient Greek modes (BWV 538). He wrote simple and touching things (BWV 999) as well as fancy music for huge choirs and orchestra (BWV 244).

But of all the things that can be said (such as his mastery of single instruments like the cello in BWV 1007-1012) - I think that what touches me most is his mastery of the fugue form, where Bach takes a plain melody, and plays another one, two, three or even four melodies on top of it - creating a musical sensation which I think is unique and is the most appealing to me.

Hope this helps.


Short answer: because it communicates to a lot of people.

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2012-07-16 07:01:14
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It is because he has written approximately 1127 compositions. He had a heart for music as well as being a musician.

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Q: Why is Bach music so popular?
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Who did Bach compose his music for?

Bach composed his music for people.

In what country did Bach write his music?

Bach wrote his music in Germany

What type of music did Bach compose?

Baroque Johann Sebastian Bach was a German composer. He wrote several concertos, chorales, and pieces of music known as "Passions". His music was considered to be Baroque. Baroque music is a style of music that was popular during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Why did Bach write classical music?

Bach did not write classical music. He wrote baroque music.

What types of music did Bach write?

Bach wrote orchestra pieces for the symphony. Some of his most popular works include Minuet and Mass in B minor.

Where did bach live?

bach did not have an exact home because of all of his music travling so he was not in one place all the time.

What was the last piece of music Bach wrote?

the last piece of music that Bach wrote was cantata.

Was the organ popular during Bach's life?

Music composed for and played on the organ was extremely popular during the lifetime of J.S. Bach (which I assume is the Bach being referred to). Master Bach had 20 children. 10 died in infancy and 3 went on to become composers/musicians themselves. None quite equalled Papa Bach, but Carl Philipp Emanuel (CPE Bach) didn't fall too far from the tree.

Who was Bach's first music teacher?

His father, Johann Ambrosius Bach, town and court musician of Eisenach taught Johann Sebastian Bach music.

What are some popular choices of music for a piano recital?

You can play music from Johann Sebastian Bach or you can check out the website called FJH music. They have information on what are some good choices of music for a piano recital.

How was bach's character?

Bach had a terible temper, you can see this in some of his music.

What two pieces of music did Bach wrote for flute?

the last piece of music that Bach wrote was cantata. and Greensleeves

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