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Yes but she likes it better when southern men from georgia tickle her feet

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Q: Will Taylor swift let you tickle her feet?
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Does Taylor Swift like to tickle people?

Yes I believe she does but she don't like to be tickled but she likes when southern men from georgia tickle her feet and when anna the beautiful carribean woman tickled her feet I'd love to meet her and give her a foot massage and tickle her feet if she lets me then it's only fair that I'd let taylor swift tickle me back I'd love to be tickled by that blonde beauty I'd be very happy if taylor swift used her pretty fingers and toes to tickle my ticklish areas like my sides underarms and the bottoms of my feet that would really turn me on and be a dream come true

Would you let Taylor Swift put her foot in your mouth?

Yes definitely her feet are very sexy

Does actress Kerry bishe like her feet tickled?

Yes if she lets me tickle her feet I would then I'd be fair about this and let her tickle my feet in return

What is Taylor Swift newest album?

Let The World End Coming out in 2012

How do you get girls to tickle your feet without asking them?

that is soo gross and im a girl i wouldn't want a guy to tickle my don't ever let girls tickle your feet because eventually they will get disgusted..=(gross)=

Will Taylor Swift let you smell her feet?

maybe if u ask her on facebook in private message to smell her feet.after that tell her to come to ur house and say can i smell ur feet.

How do you win a tickle fight?

1)you try to slip,duck or hide under your friend,don't let him/her tickle you. 2)take a feather and tickle your friend's feet. 3)tickle your friend's armpits.

What song has the lyrics you should have thought twice before you let it all go?

you should've said no - Taylor swift you should've said no - Taylor swift

Does Taylor swift let people back stage?

Once in a while.

What Songs Did Taylor Swift Sing In Dr.Suess The Lorax?

let it grow

When is Taylor swift's newest album due?

2012 - Let The World End

When was Let Me Tickle Your Fancy created?

Let Me Tickle Your Fancy was created in 1982.