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all 4, stretch them out if you can from first to 4th frets, any time you see a 1 index, any time you see a 3 use your ring.. ect, determine which frets your fingers are on if you're playing tabs of something , so 2-5 , 2 index 5 is your pinky. Easy right?

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Q: Witch fingers do you use for your guitar strings?
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What does the guitar do and how does it work?

The guitar produces sounds made by you, you use your fingers in different patterns to play the strings, its really easy and fun!

What type of guitar does System of a Down use?

they use a guitar with strings as opposed to a guitar without a strings and it is red

Can you take out guitar strings out just to clean the Guitar?

yes, you can use your fingers or a knob winder to loosen the strings(hold the string while you do this), keep winding until your string pops off. If your strings are old or semi-old you might want to change them.

How do the strings of a guitar use kinetic energy?

The guitar strings vibrate.Kinetic is the energy of a moving object so it would be the strings cause the strings of the guitar moves.

Where to buy harmony Stella acoustic guitar strings?

If you're looking for a brand called "harmony" or "Stella" guitar strings, you're not likely to be able to find them. But if you're looking for some strings that you can use on your harmony Stella guitar, you can use any acoustic guitar strings that you may want to use.

What do you use to wash guitar strings?

I've never heard of anyone washing their guitar strings. You have to go out and buy new strings, and put them in.

How to use the electric guitar?

push down the strings on the neck between any two bars of metal called frets. Pluck the strings with your fingers or hit them with a pick up and down. Theres 100s of notes on the guitar so its all experimenting or youtubing lessons.

Is it bad to clean guitar strings with alcohol?

No, but you should be very careful to only use it on the strings, and not on the body of the guitar.

Whats the difference between an acoustic guitar and a classical acoustic guitar?

Nylon strings are lower tension in comparison to steel strings and have a warmer tone than steel string, thus making steel strings higher tension than nylon with a brighter tone than nylon strings.

What are guitar picks?

Thin shaped plastic, metal, acrylic or any suitable solid material pieces that people use to play guitar to save their fingers from constant friction and to get better sound off the string.What guitar picks are.Guitar picks are triangular shaped plastic peices that people use to play giutar with. They hold it with their fingers and use it so they don't scrape fingers with guitar strings. AnswerA guitar pick is a small thin device (of metal or plastic or ivory) used to pluck a stringed instrument

Are you supposed to use a pick on a 4-string bass?

Using pick is not a matter of number of strings, it is rather a matter of personal preference or style of music you are playing. With a 4-string bass, you can use both pick and fingers.

What are the strings on the classic guitar made out of?

Most classical guitar strings are made from a sort of nylon material. Some expensive types of 6 or 12 string guitars used for Mexican music use steel strings.