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Don't pay attention to the person who said that. I wan't to improve my singing to and I found out that you MUST warm up before you sing like with ee, oo, AA and stuff like that.

Do this warming-up by learning to Humm.

How to humm:-

- To do this excercise you keep your mouth closed by putting your tongue against the roof of your mouth, but keep your teeth and lips together, then when you humm, you will feel your tongue vibrating. (That is because your tongue is blocking the passage of air. )

-Next, put your tongue on the bottom of your mouth and humm you will feel your teeth vibrate. (That is because your teeth are blocking the passage of air . }

-Then open your teeth, Humm you will feel your lips vibrate. {That is because your lips are blocking the passage of air}.

- Finally open your mouth and humm, you will feel your throat vibrate this time. That helps you get the feel of singing in general. Humming encapsulates everything, so the first rule to singing is

1. "sit up."

2. "Keep your tongue flat against the bottom of your mouth."

3. " relax your jaw"

4. "Teeth apart"

5 "Keep your lips apart."

6 And finally Have fun!

My music teacher said to stretch have good posture so do not slouch and make ur mouth wide with tall vowels so it sounds better, always warm up!!!

Hope this helped!

If some of you can't afford singing lesson.. i suggest the best way to improve singing is to take online lesson.. Taking online lesson is totally free.. is an example of a website that teach singing lesson.. search for singing lesson.. i am sure there will be results. :) Never give up if u really like singing.. just enjoy and have fun, and at the same time, u will improve.. trust me.. have fun


In addition to the all the preceding, which is ALL perfectly correct, [recommend also see "What is the best way to improve singing?] here are several additional things that can help.

  • -Join a choir, with people you feel comfortable with
  • -Sing along on records, CDs, DVDs, tapes, or whatever, with sings songs you enjoy.
  • -Sing along in the car. ( Sounds simple, but it does work. A singer I know in the choir with an absolutely beautiful Bass voice said when he was stuck in traffic jams while driving to and from work that he sang along to the car radio and cassettes. That was his daily training. Said he got a few funny looks, but the acoustics were wonderful!! )
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Practice and a good tutor

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Q: Without singing lessons What is the best way to improve singing?
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