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Q: Does hip hop weekly offer a subscription to there magazine?
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Which is the target audience of the Vibe magazine?

Vibe is a celebrity and entertainment magazine with emphasis on 'hip-hop' and 'rhythm and blues' artists. The magazine is targeted towards urban hip-hop fans, particularly teenagers and young adults.

What does U.M.N magazine stand for?

Urban Music News, it is a hip hop magazine with r&b, soul, and gospel

What type of magazine is XXL magazine?

XXL magazine has been published by Harris Publications since 1997. XXL is a music magazine concentrating on the hip-hop genre. It is published bi-monthly.

What kind of magazine is Vibe?

Vibe is a music and entertainment magazine. It was founded by producer Quincy Jones, and has its main focus on R&B and hip-hop. The magazine changed owners in 2009.

What is the theme of TheSource magazine?

The Source magazine's theme is hip-hop and topics the magazine covers include music, politics, and culture. The Source is the world's second longest running rap periodical.

What magazines carry the latest hip hop news?

The latest hip hop news was in the magazine known as "Vibe." Although, Vibe has recently sold to SpinMedia. Other magazines are "Hip Hop Connection," "Stash," and "True."

What is the Xxlmag website all about?

The American magazine XXL is devoted to news and information in the musical genre of hip-hop/rap. As such, the magazine's site on the web has this information along with song clips and other extras unique from the magazine itself.

Are funkytown charlotte begginer hip hop classes include popping and crunching?

yes, we offer poppin' and other forms of hip-hop.

What music genre is covered in Source magazine?

The "Source" music magazine covers the hip-hop genre of music. It also features articles on culture and politics. The magazine has been in publication since 1988 and is published 10 times per year.

Depuy 's bigger than Zimmer?

DePuy and Zimmer offer many different hip implant devices of varying sizes. There is no clear answer as to which hip implant is larger. What is known is that many Zimmer and DePuy hip implant patients with Metal on Metal hip replacements have experienced hip implant failure.

What company was mention in the song juicy by Christopher Wallace?

The Source- A Hip Hop magazine and He also mentions the World Trade Center

How can I become a better dance hip hop freestyler?

There are many gyms and dance studios that offer hip hop classes. taking a class or watching YouTube videos on Hip hop freestyle can help you to improve and become a better dancer.

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