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the beastie boys are considered rap metal The Beastie Boys are rap, they were partially rock because at that time Run DMC was the first African American rap group. So yes the beastie boys were the first white rap group.

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Q: Re beastie boys considered rap or rock?
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What are some 80s rap artists?

Beastie Boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What genre is Beastie Boys?

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He taught himself, yet he had alot of influences like the beastie boys and Proof (RIP :'(...)

What is the name of the cross country rap tours that the beastie boys and llcool j participated in?

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Who is the first white rap group?

The first white rapper to achieve any fame was probably DJ Flash in 1981

What influences Eminem?

as in his rap, he was influenced by dr.dre and 2pac ............and some others i don't remember them

What does rapophile mean?

It's a word created by the rap group The Beastie Boys in their song "Intergalactic". There's no actual meaning, it can't be found in a dictionary. It's basically a word defining the love of rap.

The Beastie Boys were started because of what rap group's success?


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