What is a sentence for melody?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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In orchestra I had the melody part in the song,which means the main part

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to sing a tuneful song

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Q: What is a sentence for melody?
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How can you use melody in a sentence?

The melody of the song was so catchy that I couldn't stop humming it all day.

What is a good sentence with the word melody?

The main melody is quite pretty, and the beat is one that could definitely work on the dancefloor.

How would you use somber in a sentence?

I was moved by the somber melody.

What is a sentence for sitar?

The musician played a mesmerizing melody on the sitar during the concert.

How do you use cellophone in a sentence?

I heard a lovely melody so I followed the sound and I found out it was coming from a cellophone

What songs have the word melody in the title?

Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life (The Dream Melody), Broadway Melody, Broken-hearted Melody, Chinese Cafe/Unchained Melody, Come Back To Me My Melody, Distant Melody, Dixie Melody, Dream Melody, Easy Melody, Just Like A Melody Out Of The Sky, Little Church Around The Corner (from The Magic Melody), Lonely Little Melody, Magic Melody, Manhattan Melody, Melody, Melody Fair, Melody For Two, Melody From The Sky, Melody In A, Melody In F, Melody In Spring, Melody Man, Melody Of Love, Melody Of Spring, Melody Time, My Melody Of Love, Nice Melody, Play A Simple Melody, Playful Melody, Please Don't Monkey With Broadway (from Broadway Melody Of 1940), A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody, Pretty Melody, Public Melody Number One, Rock-a-bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody, Simple Melody, Tell Me With A Melody, That Honky-tonky Melody, That Samson And Delilah Melody, Unchained Melody, World Needs A Melody

What is the correct capitalization for this sentence mrs. hernandes played a haunting spanish melody on the guitar at the summer festival?

The correct capitalization is: Mrs. Hernandes played a haunting Spanish melody on the guitar at the summer festival.

How do you use the word cellos in a sentence?

The cellos played a beautiful melody during the concert.

How do use vary in a sentence?

My answers usually vary from yours. Let's vary the melody a bit, here in the middle part.

How do you use hummed in a sentence?

She hummed a soothing melody while working in the garden.

How do you use the word piccolos in a sentence?

The piccolos played a lively melody during the concert.

How you can use mellifluous in a sentence?

The singer's mellifluous voice mesmerized the audience during the concert.