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Clarinets play in treble clef.

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Q: What the clarinet play in bass clef or treble clef?
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Does the accordion play bass clef?

Yes. Accordion music is like piano music because it uses both the treble and the bass clef. Usually, you play the notes in the treble clef with the right hand and the notes in the bass clef with the left hand.

How is a chromatic accordion different from a diatonic one?

Treble and bass buttons on diatonic accordions play two different notes on the push/pull of the bellows while treble and bass buttons on chromatic accordions play the same note regerdless of the bellows direction.

Did Benny Goodman play bass clarinet?

He is not known for that and most likely never did but he very well could have !

What are facts about the accordion?

Accordions are members of the wind instrument family and consist of three major components such as the treble mechanism, bass mechanism and bellows. The right hand side consists of keys or buttons while the bass section varies depending on whether its a button or piano accordion. Piano accordions have a Stradella bass mechanism for the right hand side and this is standard for all piano accordions. Button accordions, such as chromatic accordions have a free bass mechanism, and are widely played in French musette. Diatonic accordions can have an eight or twelve bass layout and play different notes depending on the bellows direction. The piano accordion was invented when Bouton of Paris first applied piano keys to the accordion.

How do you play Ode to Joy on clarinet?

You can also play it A A B C C B A G Gb Gb G A A G G A A B C C B A G Gb Gb G A G Gb Gb I have a clarinet and I <3 this song! Go Beethoven!

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What clef does a clarinet play?

Treble Clef

What clef does clarinet play?

Treble Clef

What clef do you play bass guitar in?

Bass and treble clef.

Does the bass clarinet play in the bass clef?

no, i play the Bass Clarinet and all my music sheets have just a tribal clef

Does saxophone have bass clef?

Saxophones usually play in the Treble Clef.

If you play a treble clef instrument can you switch to bass clef?

The bass clarinet is pitched exactly an octave lower than the 'soprano' clarinet. Because of this, discounting octaves, it sounds a major second lower than the notation (so the music will show C when concert-pitch Bb is wanted.)There are two notation systems used for bass clarinet. One is very common, while the other is used by some later German composers and Eastern European/former-soviet composers.The first, called "french notation" uses the treble clef, and the bass clarinet fingerings are identical, note-for-note, to the common 'soprano' instrument. The pitches produced by the bass instrument are therefore an octave and a whole tone lower than the notation.The second uses the bass clef, and the sound produced by the bass clarinet is only a whole tone lower than the notation. If the part gets high, the notation may switch to treble clef to avoid ledgerlines, and in this case, the notes produced by the bass clarinet should be, still, only a whole tone lower than the notation. This can be a point of confusion, but usually, when the treble clef is used this way, the music either starts with or ends with bass clef notation.Tenor and alto clef are not used for the bass clarinet.So the correct answer is, Both!I have been playing the Bass clarinet for three years, and have only had music in the treble clef.

Does the accordion play bass clef?

Yes. Accordion music is like piano music because it uses both the treble and the bass clef. Usually, you play the notes in the treble clef with the right hand and the notes in the bass clef with the left hand.

What clef does the play in?

The piano uses both the Treble clef (for higher pitches) and the Bass clef (for lower pitches). It plays in the key of C. Sometimes it is misinterpreted that the Treble clef is for the rigth hand and the Bass clef if for the left hand. This isn't true. Both hands can use the Treble clef or Bass clef, or even the right hand can use the Bass clef and the left hand can use the Treble clef.

What clef does the banjo play?

Treble clef unless you're playing a bass banjo which should be played in bass clef.

Has a double bass use bass or treble or other?

I believe you mean to say "Does a double bass read from bass or treble clef?" The answer to that is bassists almost always read bass clef. But very good bassists that play very high read treble clef often and sometimes tenor clef.

What clef do brass instruments use?

Tenor Trombone - Brass Band - Treble Clef (in Bflat) Orchestra - Tenor or Bass Clef (in C) Bass Trombone - Always Bass Clef (in C) Alto Trombone - Alto Clef (in C) A Bass Clef( A F Clef) All trombones are used in different things, so the examples are not specifically correct. Neither are the given clefs. It depends on the trombonist and the piece. For instance, I play in all different keys because my music varies. The keys are sort of correct as well. I will leave them there because it will help to see what I mean. Tenor trombone - Is in (sounds like concert Bflat) trombone Bflat Bass trombone - Is in (sounds like Concert Bflat) trombone Bflat Alto Trombone - Is in (sounds like Concert C) trombone C All the "sounds like" are for when the trombone plays a Bflat. The common misconception about trombone keys is that a trombone in Bflat is in C (or concert pitch) as that is what it sounds like. It is NOT. It is in Bflat.

Is the xylophone play in the treble or bass cleft?

Xylophones usually play in the treble celf* - They have made xylophones for bass clef though.