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Either Plan B or Jay-z

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Q: Who is the most lyrical rapper?
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Who is better cassidy or drake?

Cassidy is the most lyrical rapper alive today.. So I say Cassidy

Who is a better rapper eminem lupe fiasco?

Me personally I think Eminem because he has been out longer and is a lyrical genius.

Can waka flocka flame rap?

As far as being a lyrical rapper goes even Waka Flocka himself said that he's not lyrical, but as far as being a hype man and making crunk music then yeah he can rap crunk music.

Who is the rap god?

The title "Rap God" is often associated with the rapper Eminem, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential rappers in the industry due to his technical skill, lyrical prowess, and longevity in the game.

The term lyrical refers most specifically to what?

Most specifically the term "lyrical" refers to the lyrics in a song and qualities of lyrics. music

Is Nas the best rapper?

mostly it depends on your opinion of rappers and who you like more. Nas is a lyrical genius and is one of the greatest mcs of all time.

Whos the best rapper alive?

Most probably Rakim due to his lyrical style, flow and effect he had on all of hip-hop. Many of the greatest rappers like Eminem, Nas and many more would consider Rakim to be one of the greatest if not the greatest rapper of all time. named him the greatest emcee of our time on the list "Top 50 greatest emcees of our time". The Source magazine named him the most lyrical rapper of all time. If it's not Rakim it'd be either Nas, Kool G Rap, Krs-One, Jay-z or Eminem. The last guy said it was arguably Lil Wayne who's by far the worst rapper of all time, so I changed it.

What nicknames does Lyrical go by?

Lyrical goes by Professor Lyrical.

What groups has rapper Canibus been in?

Canibus, also known as Germaine Williams, is an American rapper, originally hailing from Kingston, Jamaica. Getting his start in his early years with LL Cool J, he is most known for his work with the groups The Hrsmn and T.H.E.M. With a loyal fanbase, Canibus has often been credited with being one of the best lyrical freestyle rappers in the rap music scene.

What is the suffix of lyrical?

lyrical ly

The lyrical slow movement of a symphony is most often the?

the second movement

Whose better waka flocka or lil Wayne?

Waka Flocka is a better rapper than Lil Wayne, due to the fact that Waka Flocka keeps it real, and Lil Wayne doesn't. I'm not saying Waka Flocka is the most lyrical rapper(cause he's clearly not, and he admits it), but at the same time Lil Wayne ain't lyrical either(lil wayne claims he's the ''best rapper alive'' that's clearly false, he's the worst rapper alive).I'll give u a perfect example of how Waka Flocka keeps it real and Lil Wayne doesn't:*Waka Flocka claims he's in the Elm Street Piru gang(gang started in Cali). Waka Flocka isn't from Cali, but he actually had enough courage to drive all the way to Compton, Cali(where real Elms are at), and get put on the set. That right there is enough to give Waka Flocka respect from the streets cause he keeps it real, again I'm not saying Waka Flocka is the most lyrical rapper, cause he's no way near a lyrical rapper, his music is more so party type, hyperactive type music.*Lil Wayne claims he's in the M.o.b. Piru gang(gang started in Cali). He has NEVER stepped foot in M.o.b. Pirus hood, yeah he's been to Cali before, but he has to pay real Cali Bloods & Pirus to protect him, and on top of that he got bullied by a Crip rapper named 40 Glocc, and didn't do anything about it, he just stood in the car the whole time, aka he's a fake Piru, not really down for the hood he supposedly claims.SIDE NOTES:Regardless of Lil Wayne being a fake Piru & Waka Flocka not being a lyrical rapper, they're still getting paid for being rappers, so much respect to both of them, and I wish them the best in success.