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LJ Rap

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Q: Who sang the song pimp daddy yo pimp daddy all i gotta be is yo pimp daddy?
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Who sang momma sang tenor on daddy sang bass?

Carl Perkins wrote the song "Daddy Sang Bass" in 1968. The most popular version - possibly the one you're looking for, and for whom Perkins actually wrote the song - was recorded by Johnny Cash in 1969.

Who sings what parts in gotta be you?

LiamHarryZaynLiamNiall & Louis didn't sing in the song

Who sings the old school rap song 'your pimp daddy' it came out in the late 80's 0r early 90's?

"Lj rap" is his name. Songs name is pimp daddy. I think it came out in 92 and it was on the "straight outa Compton" soundtrack.

Who sang the original song daddy dont you walk so fast?

Daniel Boone

What character sang the song NYC in Annie?

Daddy Warbucks, although the character Star-to-be takes a verse.

Name of song and artist who sang at hope's party on bold and beautiful?

Its called Pose - Daddy Yankee

Who sang the Two Dads theme song?

The Bog men ( Daddy took me to the zoo )

What was the ballad song called that Gabrielle sang in High school musical 2?

it is gotta go my own way

What was the final song Cher Lloyd sang on The X Factor?

369/ get your freak on.... or i gotta feeling/ where is the love with

Who sang the song with the lyrics he's coming but you gotta pay him cash?

Those lyrics are from Life in the Fast Lane by the Eagles. "The doctor said he's comin', but you gotta pay him cash."

Who was the group that sang the song Happy New Year in 1980?

The group who sang the Happy New Year song in 1980 was actually a Swedish group by the name of ABBA. The song was called "Daddy Don't Get Drunk on Christmas Day." when they began writing it.

Did pat boon sing daddy dont you walk so fast?

Not that I know of. i do Know that Charley Rich has sang the song