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A short circuit occurs when excessive current i.n the electrical circuits are the direct touching of the wires. This may happen if the insulation on the wires has come off. This may cause a short circuit.

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Q: A short circuit occurs when?
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What happens in a short circuit occurs in an electric circuit?

When a short circuit occurs the circuit overheats. Short circuits often result in home fires.

How does a short circuit occaur?

Short circuit occurs when positive and negative terminals are connected directly.

When you will get to know that short circuit will happen?

1. That if a short circuit occurs we will get a sign before short circuit will happen or not ? 2. what we can do ? 3. how fuse can get a short circuit ? 4. which wires we have to use from preventing short circuit ?

How does short circuit occur?

short circuit occurs when two wire which consist of one live and neutral wire are in contact with the main and the other end of the wire are touched each other short circuit occurs

What is short circuit and overload?

A: short circuit is when a short occurs on any circuit due to failure of a component tor externally introduced. Overload occurs when additional load [resistance ] is applied to any circuit. This condition if allowed to be sustained will cause the circuit to fail eventually

How do you generate short circuit current?

A short circuit occurs when the hot side of the supply comes in contact with ground.

What is the effect on the current when a short circuit occurs?

The current increases.

What happens when a short circuit occurs in the oven?

Usually the breaker will trip.

How short circuits occurs?

A short circuit usually occurs when the insulation between wires breaks down and they become accidentally connected together.

What occurs when two adjacent conductors make electrical contact and by pass a portion of the circuit?

That is called a short circuit.

The difference between short to a voltage circuit and short to a ground circuit?

A short circuit is an abnormal connection between two nodes intended to be at different voltages. A voltage circuit is caused intentionally for the purpose of voltage sensing. A ground circuit occurs between a phase and the ground.

Short circuit bar on the railway?

What is the question? Assuming you're talking about short circuiting the live circuit, as soon as a phase to ground fault occurs protection will operate, opening a circuit breaker.

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