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They're both fluids because they flow easily into air

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Both liquids and gases are considered fluids because they can flow and take the shape of their containers. Liquids have a definite volume but not a definite shape, whereas gases have neither a definite shape nor volume as they expand to fill the container they are in.

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Q: Are liquids fluid but gases not?
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What deals with the properties of liquids and gases?

Fluid Mechanics

What would classified as a fluid?

All liquids, and gases are fluids.

What properties do gases and liquids share?

they are fluid

Are gases and liquids fluids?

A fluid is any substance that can flow. Since liquids and both flow, they are fluids.

What are the two kinds of fluid?

The two main types of fluid are liquids and gases. Liquids have a definite volume and take the shape of their container, while gases do not have a definite volume or shape and expand to fill their container.

Are gasses and liquids both concidered a fluid?

Yes, both gases and liquids are considered fluids because they can flow and take the shape of their container. Fluid mechanics is a branch of physics that studies the behavior of both gases and liquids.

What practical applications does the fluid nature of liquids and gases have?

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Is solid classified as fluid?

No, fluids refer to liquids and gases only.

What is the similarities of gas liquid and fluid?

Gases and also liquids are fluids.

A process by which energy is transferred in gases and liquids?

Convection is the process by which energy is transferred in gases and liquids. It involves the movement of the fluid due to differences in density caused by temperature variances. Warmer, less dense fluid rises, while cooler, denser fluid sinks, creating a continuous circulation to transfer heat energy.

What is the compressibility of a fluid?

Compressibility of a fluid is a measure of how much its volume decreases when subjected to pressure. It is defined as the reciprocal of bulk modulus. The compressibility of a fluid depends on its density and the strength of intermolecular forces.

Only liquids can be classified as fluids?

While liquids are a type of fluid, gases are also classified as fluids. Fluids are substances that flow and have no fixed shape, so both liquids and gases fall under this category. Plasma is also a fluid, but it is less common in everyday experience.