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Physical change

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Q: Are seashells break down to form sand a physical or chemical change?
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If you break a window is it a physical change or chemical change?


Is breaking a balloon a physical change or chemical change?

When you break a balloon, you make a physical change to the balloon.physicalIt is purely a Physical Change, nothing chemical has happened

When you break something is it a physical or chemical change?

Breaking something is an example of a physical change.

Is a physical change what happens when chemical bonds break and new bonds form?

No. It is a chemical change.

What is a physical change for a pencil?

break it! for a chemical one you can burn it

Is the dissolving of sugar into water a chemical or physical change?

It is a physical change. The sugar does not break down chemically.

Is it a chemical change or physical change?

It has both chemical and physical components Chewing, of course, is a physical process. Additionally enzymes in the saliva and stomach break down food chemically.

Is digeasting an apple a chemical or physical change?

It is both because as you eat it it's physical being is changed. It is a chemical change because the chemical in your stomach digesting it break it down.Hope that helps!!

Is a physical change the only way to break down a compound?

No, chemical change is the only way.

Is breaking a stick a chemical or physical change?

It is a physical change because you did not put acid on it or something.

Is it a chemical or physical change when a scientist break-up water into oxygen and hydrogen gas?

This is a chemical process.

Why is food digestion chemical change?

Its a chemical change. A physical change is a change which does not change the type of matter. The reactions in your stomach break down the matter into other substances.

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