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Yes. Other animals have a folded cerebral cortex.

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Q: Are the animal's cerebral cortex folded?
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Related questions

Why is the cerebral cortex highly folded?

We need to have a "highly folded" and "wrinkly" cerebral cortex to incorporate the billions of neurons in our brain.

What does the cerebral cortex look like?

grey and folded to fit in the skull

Do animals have a cerebral cortex?

Mostly, mammals do.

What are the Functions of the cortex?

The cerebral cortex, also known as the main cortex or simply cortex, is the part of the brain which handles so-called "higher order thought." This structure is present in the brains of many animals, but humans have an unusually large and well developed cerebral cortex. The advanced functions of the human cerebral cortex are the thing which set humans apart from other animals.

Do crickets have a cerebral cortex?

No, only mammals have a cerebral cortex.

Do pigs have a cerebral cortex?

Yes, pigs have a cerebral cortex.

Is cerebral cortex the same thing as the frontal cortex?

No, the frontal cortex is (frontal) part of the cerebral cortex

What is the size of a dolphin's cerebral cortex?

A dolphins brain and therefore its cerebral cortex is about the same size as a humans, however some dolphin species have a more deeply folded cerebral cortex than in humans but the cortex itself is not as thick. The level of folding found in the dolphins brain is so similar to that of humans as to suggest that they have a level of intelligence comparable to our own. So to answer the question what is the size of a dolphins cerebral cortex, the data seams to suggest it is about the same as our own.

What is another name for the cerebral cortex?

Another name for the cerebral cortex is the telencephalon.

What is in the cerebral cortex?

In the cerebral cortex there are 6 layers of neurons (grey matter).

Does sperm travel near the cerebral cortex?

No! The cerebral cortex is part of the brain.

What causes cerebral cortex?

Cerebral cortex is the outer layer of the brain. Having a brain that is capable of a variety of brain function "causes" the cerebral cortex!

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