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Yes it can be, you need a gigantic phallus to get a woman pregnant.

If you have a small penis you aren't a man.

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โˆ™ 2009-08-19 12:51:55
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Q: Can a mans penis be to short to get a female pregnant?
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the size of a black mans penis the size of a black mans penis

If a guy ejaculates and then fingers a female is it possible for her to get pregnant?

Yes it is possible. Pregnancy occurs when semen (flowing from the penis) enters the female organ during sexual intercourse. Last time we checked, the ends of the fingers did not resemble in any shape or form a mans penis, nor is semen able to flow from the fingertips ... THINK!!

How does a male get a female pregnant?

well it all starts when a mans junk goes into your vagina with out a condom

Can a woman get pregnant during her period using withdrawal method?

Yes she can. It's not very common for women to become pregnant while on their period but it is possible. The withdrawal method is not very reliable if you are not trying to get pregnant. A woman can still get pregnant from a mans preejaculate which would be at the tip of the mans penis before he ejaculates. So yes you can get pregnant that way too

Does the size of a mans penis determine how easily it is to conceive?

No, the size of the penis is irrelevant.

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No, antibiotics will not decrease the size of a mans penis.

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The prepuce and glans

Does the length of a mans penis affect the probability of pregnancy?


Does soy products increase the size of a mans penis?


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As big as a mans penis

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A man's private parts is the penis or also called the balls. It is the part he uses to get a girl pregnant in sex. He will insert the penis in a girls private which is called the vagina. They also call this, sexual intercourse. This is how your parents had you/made you.

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