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yes but it will turn out as witch ever one is the female

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Q: Can a meditite and buneary lay a egg?
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Will buneary ever lay an egg with pikachu in the Pokemon show diamond and pearl?

unlikely, but there in the same egg group.

What is the best Pokemon team to have in Pokemon emerald?

Well I can assure you a good Pokemon team is... A Phanphy or a Dophan, a Buneary or a Lopunny,a Wooper or a Quagsire, Meditite a Medicham, Pikachu or a Raichu (you need a thunderstone to evolve pikachu into a Riachu!) Beautifly. My team is Phanphy Buneary Wooper Meditite Pikachu Beautifly.

How did you get an egg from a female buneary and male eevee while they were in day care?

No one knowshow eggs are made, but I can GUARANTEE that egg will be a Buneary.

Can Meditite learn Flash as an egg move?

It can. I tried it myself.

How do you chain breed a scraggy to know ice punch?

Medicham/Hitmonchan (male) with ice punch Breed with female buneary -> hatch egg to get buneary (male) with ice punch Breed this male buneary with scraggy (female) to pass on ice punch to scraggy egg.

Why do amphibians lay 200 eggs?

they lay egg they have to lay egg

How will a Australian egg lay an egg?

no egg can lay another egg because they have not been born yet when the egg has hatched and it has grew up then they can lay an egg of there own.

Where does cockroach lay egg?

If they hide there, they lay the egg there too.

Does chameleon haves babies or lay egg?

lay egg

How do you get a parrot to lay in egg?

It will lay an egg eventually if you put the opposite gender /male a female might lay an egg.

Can a cockrel lay egg?

No a male chicken cannot lay an egg.

Does a clam give birth or lay egg?

lay an egg. check

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