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No. Carbon monoxide is the product of burning fossil fuels such as coal or petroleum.

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Q: Can carbon monoxide come from radiators?
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What chemicals come from burning carbon monoxide?

Carbon monoxide is transformed in carbon dioxide by oxidation.

How does carbon monoxide become carbon dioxide?

carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide come from combusion. carbon monoxide bear one element of oxgen and carbon dixoide bear two elements of oxgens

Does carbon monoxide come from cigarettes?


What does carbon monoxide pollution come from?

The pollutant caused by the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels is called carbon monoxide.

What are carbon monoxide detectors used for?

carbon monoxide detectors used for detecing carbon monoxide that is a odorless deadly gas that can come into your home and hurt your family. they detect it and warn you

Does carbon monoxide come from cars?

No, only Carbon dioxide, water, and energy.

Does carbon monoxide come from burning petrol?

Yes, carbon monoxide is formed to some degree by burning petrol and other hydrocarbon fuels.

When you exhale do you breathe out carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide?

of course we breathe out carbon dioxide not carbon monoxide

What does carbine monoxide come from?

carbon momoxide is produced from the partial oxidation of carbon-containing compounds...................

How much carbon monoxide does soda have?

Soda does not have any amounts of carbon monoxide. It has carbon dioxide dissolved in it, but no carbon monoxide.

Does a carbon monoxide monitor detect carbon dioxide?

No. Carbon monoxide and carbon monoxide are different substances with different properties.

Is carbon monoxide c02?

no that is carbon dioxide,carbon monoxide is CO

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