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Q: Can you run a 277V light on 120V?
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Is there a way to install a 120V light on a 277V circuit?

no ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stepdown transformer. More expensive than buying the correct light fixture. Y-THINK-Y

Is there a way to install a 277V light on a 120V circuit?

no ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stepdown transformer. More expensive than buying the correct light fixture. Y-THINK-Y

How can you run a 277v motor on a 120v line?

Get a step up transformer that converts 120 V to 277 V. Size according to the load.

Can 120v and 277v be in the same conduit?

No this is a very bad idea.

Will a 250 volt cord work for 240 volt appliance?

wire in the us is available in 300v or 600v ratings so 300 volt is good for 120v 240v or 277V 277V is usually only used in lighting

What do you need to do to operate a 240V 50Hz halogen lamp on a 120V 60Hz circuit?

You can't run this light on a 120V circuit and get the same light output if it is designed to run on a 240V service. You need a voltage converter transformer. They are a common item sold for international travel. The difference in frequency shouldn't affect the light.

If a light fixture has a change in voltage from 277v to 120v does the ballast need to be changed?

The impedence of the ballast is system voltage dependent to allow required current to pass through the light fixture. If system voltage changes, the current passing through the light fixture changes, therefore to get designed output from the fixture, the ballast has to be changed.

Can you get a 9v batt to light up a 120v light?


What is use of step up transformer?

A step-up transformer increases (or "steps up") the voltage of an alternating electrical current. For example, a step-up transformer could be used to increase 120V AC to 277V AC to provide power to 277V electrical equipment in a building that does not already have a 277V electrical system.Other examples where a step-up transformer might be used include these:Using 240V AC equipment with a 120V AC mains supply.Generating high voltage for use with tubes, such as a CRT.Generating high voltage for use in electric energy distribution.

Can a light bulb work on a DC voltage?

It can, but if you're wanting to run a 120v light bulb on DC, you'll need 120v DC to get the rated output. That's a lot of batteries. It's easier, and more sensible, to find a DC rated light bulb, such as an RV bulb.

Can 240V washer run on 120V outlet?


Can a 120V Generator run 240V machines?


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