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You can, but the volume will not be as accurate as using a graduated cylinder, and will probably give you an inaccurate density.

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Q: Can you use a erlenmeyer flask to calculate the density of a liquid?
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What unit of measurement does a Beaker or Erlenmeyer flask use?

Beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks typically use milliliters (mL) as the unit of measurement for volume. These units are commonly used in laboratories for measuring liquids.

What is the name of the inventor of the Erlenmeyer flask?

Emil Erlenmeyer created Erlenmeyer flask in 1861.

What is the history of the erlenmeyer flask?

The Erlenmeyer flask is named after the German chemist, Emil Erlenmeyer, who developed the instrument in 1861.

What does the Erlenmeyer flask measure?

A graduated Erlenmeyer flask can measure a volume.

What is the function of the erlenmeyer flask?

The Erlenmeyer flask was named after its creator Emil Erlenmeyer, who was a German chemist. It is a flat bottomed cone-shaped container that has a tapered neck so that a person can hold it, put a stopper on it or attach a clamp with it. This flask is used to measure, mix, and store liquid.

Are all Erlenmeyer flask the same in weight?

No, Erlenmeyer flasks can vary in weight depending on the material they are made from. Glass Erlenmeyer flasks are typically heavier than plastic Erlenmeyer flasks due to the density of glass. Additionally, the size and volume capacity of the flask can also affect its weight.

Why is an Erlenmeyer Flask called Erlenmeyer Flask?

The Erlenmeyer flask was designed by the German chemist Richard August Carl Emil Erlenmeyer (28 June 1825 - 22 January 1909).

Is Erlenmeyer flask good of heated solid?

The Erlenmeyer flask is not good for heating solids.

How can you use the Erlenmeyer Flask in a sentence?

An Erlenmeyer Flask is commonly used for chemistry experiements.

What is another word for flask?

erlenmeyer flask

How do you calculate density of cyclohexen?

cyclohexane is a liquid so it may be filled in a flask of known volume and may be weighted out ... the ratio of mass and volume represents the density....

What is another word for triangular flask?

Another word for a triangular flask is a conical flask.