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an endothermic reaction is any chemical reaction that absorbs heat from its environment.

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Q: Definition of endothermic
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Why is a narwhal endothermic?

The narwhal is a mammal which makes it, by definition, endothermic.

What is the scientific definition of an endothermic reaction?


What is the definition of the prefix in the word endothermic?

endo means inside of or internal

What is the definition of endothermic change?

Endothermic describes a chemical reaction that is accompanied by the absorption of heat, or an organism that generates heat to maintain its temperature. (adjective)

What characteristics make a cat endothermic?

Cats are a warm blooded mammal. Almost all mammals are endothermic by definition. One characteristic that makes a cat endothermic is its ability to generate heat on its own.

What is definition of endothermic?

A type of a reaction or process accompanied by or requiring the absorption of heat.

Definition of system surroundings?

a system consists of two kinds:the endothermic and exothermic reaction.

How melting is endothermic?

In order to melt a solid substance, you must raise its temperature. However, in order to raise an object's temperature, it must absorb energy, as is the definition of heat. Since endothermic means absorbing energy, melting must be endothermic.

What is the scientific definition of endothermic?

Endothermic is a scientific term for being "warm-blooded," where an animal is capable of generating and maintaining its own stable core temperature regardless what the outside temperature is.

What is the definition of endothermic animals?

Endothermic animals are those that must generate their own heat to maintain their body temperature. These animals are commonly referred to as "warm-blooded." An animal that is endothermic is categorized as an endotherm, and this includes all mammals. The opposite of an endotherm is an ectotherm.

Is there a mammal with no backbone?

No - part of the definition of a mammal is that it is a vertebrate with hair, viviparous birth, endothermic and produces milk to nourish their young. A vertebrate is, by definition, an animal with a distinct backbone.

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