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Fusion involves the fusing or combination of two nuclides to form one, whereas fission involves the fission or splitting of one nuclide into two. Both processes involve a loss of binding energy (Strong Atomic Force) which is manifest as heat and other forms of energy. It just so happens that the delta binding energy from fusion is hundreds or thousands of times more than that of fission, which is why Hydrogen (fusion) Bombs have so much more energy than Atomic (fission) Bombs.

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Groups are organized by the number of electrons that are found in their outer shell

Nitrogen has an atomic mass of 14 and an atomic number of 7 so the number of neutrons must be

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Q: Difference between fusion and fission
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What is the difference between fision and fusion?

Fission is spliting and Fusion is combining.

What is the difference between the atomic bomb and the hydrogen bomb?

fission vs fusion

What is the difference between fission and fusion in nuclear bombardment reactions?

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What isdifference nuclear fission and nuclear fission?

The difference between Fusion and Fission is that Fission is easier to do and produces more energy than fusion reactions. However fission can be dangerous and is used in Nuclear reactors. Fusion however is safer and produces less energy but safely. It is quite difficult to cause a Fusion reaction however.

What is the difference between the use of fission and fusion as an energy source?

Well, the difference is that when you get fusion it turns into fission. So really all your doing is using fissions. But, the difference to them is that when you use fission it produces a light that can be used. When you use fusion it can not be used as a light \, but just to make tatter tots. I like tatter tots do you?

What is the main difference between fission and fusion in terms of chemistry?

fission is the slitting of one element to produce energy but fusion is two element combined to produce that amount of fission:Ba and for fusion H.

Difference between nuclear fusion and fission?

nuclear fussion means combining of atoms nuclear fission means spliting of atoms'

What is the difference in the processKEY WORD of fission and fusion?

in atomic science, fission is the splitting of atoms, fusion is the fusing of atoms

Explain the difference between atomic fission and atomic fusion?

The main difference between these two processes is that fission is the splitting of an atom into two or more smaller ones while fusion is the fusing of two or more smaller atoms into a larger one.

Whats the difference between a fission and a fusion?

Fission: Splitting large atoms into smaller atoms.Fusion: Combining small atoms into larger atoms.

Is fusion the difference between a nuclear weapon detonation and a conventional explosion?

No. Nuclear detonations involve fission and/or fusion. Conventional involve neither.

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