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Magnetic storms unleashed by solar flares can cause auroras, but all solar flares don't cause auroras.

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2013-03-19 22:56:13
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Q: Do solar flares from the sun cause auroras near earths poles?
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What can cause auroras near earth poles?

Solar flares from the sun

The Auroras forms where?

the Auroras form in the earths poles which is south pole and north pole.

What out-of-this-world event causes auroras to appear on earth?

Solar winds are the out-of-this-world event that cause auroras to appear on earth. Auroras can happen near both the north and the south poles.

How do solar flares create Auroras?

The radiation emitted from solar flares skiffs across the ozone layer of the earth, at both the north and south poles, creating the phenomenon commonly know as the "Northern" and "Southern" Lights respectively.

Auroras near the Earth's poles are caused by what?

Auroras near Earth's poles are caused by radiation called solar wind from the Sun.

What are shimmering beams of light that can be seen inthe sky around earths north and south poles called?

The shimmering beams of light that can be seen in the sky around earths north and south poles are called auroras. They are usually reddish or greenish in color.

What is the cause of auroras on earth?

Auroras are caused by radiation from the sun, called solar wind, interacting with Earth's magnetic field. Since the magnetic field is strongest near the poles, thats the region where most auroras occur.

When can you see auroras?

In the north and south poles.

Where do auroras take place?

the north and south poles

Where can you find Aurora?

in the south and north pole it is caused by earths magnetosphere and solar flares omg im 13 and i know this

Where to the Auroras form?

An aurora can form anywhere in the atmosphere, but are visible at the poles.

When solar flares increase solar wind from the corona what do they cause in earths upper atmosphere?

It increases the number of particles reaching the Earth's upper atmosphere. Normally, Earth's atmosphere and magnetic field block these particles. However, near the North and South poles, the particles can enter Earth's atmosphere, where they create powerful electric currents that cause gas and molecules in the atmosphere to glow. The result is rippling sheets of light in the sky called auroras.1 word for it would be?the aurora borealis

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