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The HIV virus replicates in T cells. Once the cell is full of replicated HIV it ruptures.

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2013-02-17 13:31:25
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Q: Does HIV attack blood cells called hemocytes?
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What is it called when white blood cells attack red blood cells?

Hemolytic Anemia

What are white blood cells that attack germs?

These are called white corpuscles.

Sickle cell anaemia IS a disease of the leucocytes?

No, sickle cell anemia is a disease of the hemocytes, the red blood cells. Leucocytes are one type of white blood cell.

Why is insect blood green or yellow?

Insect blood doesn't transfer oxygen. That means it doesn't need hemoglobin, which is what makes blood appear red. Insect blood is only about 10% hemocytes (blood cells), most of it just watery plasma called hemolymph, tending to be green or yellow.

What do white blood cells attack?

What could be the problem white blood cells attack red ones

Do red blood cells attack viruses that cause an illness?

No. red blood cells carry oxygen. White blood cells attack pathogens such as viruses.

What are the cells in blood called?

The cells in blood are called red blood cells and white blood cells

Where does white blood cells attack microbes?

In the blood.

Who does HIV attack and destroy in the body is it red blood cells or white blood cells?

white blood cells

What blood cells attack bacteria in the blood?

Whie blood cells attack bacteria. if you get a cut and it gets infected, white stuff comes out, that is the white blood cells fighting the bacteria. Hope this helps :)

Why are red blood cells called differentaited cells?

Becuase they are the one who attack your diseases when other cells just divide by the time you finish the sentence.

Does HIV attack red blood cells?

No! It attacks the Helper T cells which are white blood cells.

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