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No, not at all. Neither coffee not a cold shower has any effect on intoxication or blood alcohol levels.

You're still drunk, you're just a wide awake drunk.

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Q: Does coffee and a cold shower sober you up?
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Why don't cold showers or hot coffee help to sober up?

Because taking a shower or drinking some coffee doesn't get the alcohol out of your body, although it might help you be more alert.

Are cold showers coffee exercise effective ways to sober up a drunk person?


What are two myths a lot of teens hear about alcoho?

Two myths about alcohol that teens hear a lot are that alcohol gives you energy and you can sober up with a cup of coffee or a cold shower.

Is a cold shawer sober up a drunk person?

No, the only thing that can sober up a drunk person is time (provided he/she has a working liver). Cold showers or coffee or anything else do not work.

Does coffee help you sober up?


Can black coffee and a shower help you sober up?

no, a shower would just make you a wet drunk and coffee wouldn't do anything either. when drinking alcohol , after absorbed from the stomach there is alcohol in your blood. the only answer to you question is time.

What are some myths about sobering up?

black coffee and a cold shower are both myths about sobering up

Will coffee or excersice sober up a person?

no it can not.

Drinking coffee or taking a cold shower can be an effective way of sobering up. true or false?

False. Give a drunk coffee, you have a wide awake drunk. Give them a cold shower and you have a cold wet drunk. Only time will lower blood alcohol levels.

Why do we put drunk people in cold showers?

"We" don't. Putting a drunk in a shower doesn't sober him up, and you run a very real risk that he will be injured in the shower, or become combative. I certainly would have.

How can a person sober-up?

the only thing that can sober a person is time...drinking coffee is only a myth

Are cold showers or drinking strong hot coffee effective ways to sober up after drinking alcohol?

These help, but time is the best way to sober up. You should take advantage of a designated driver or a taxi when you recognize you are drunk.

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