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Q: Does the sun give off invisible light rays called microwaves?
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Do invisible flames give off light?

Invisible means there is no visible light. They may give off other electromagnetic radiation, but "light" usually refers to visible light.

Does light from the sun give off more visible light or more invisible light?

The Sun gives off more invisible light because the Sun gives off all the light in the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Radiowaves, Microwaves, UV rays, Visible light, X-Rays and Gamma Rays. I might have missed some but I think I got all of them. The only kind of light we can see is Visible light. Therefore, the Sun gives off more invisible light then visible light.

How do microwaves give off radiation?

Microwaves do not 'give off' radiation as such. Microwaves are radiation.

What give us light?

Light is given by a subatomic particle called a photon. All types of light are transferred by this from gamma rays to microwaves. Although It is called a particle from the double slit experiment we can see that the photon can act like particle and a wave

Can microwaves give you cancer?

No, there is no scientific documented evidence that microwaves give you cancer.

What are animals called that give off light?

Animals that give light are called self-luminiuos animals

How are microwaves harmful?

Microwaves leak radiation even if it says it doesn't. Radiation can give you cancer.

Do stars give off microwaves?


Can microwaves give testicular cancer?

no it cannot give testicular cancer

Disadvantage of using microwaves?

they give off radiations

What are things that give out light called?

Things that give out light are called light sources eg. the sun, a lamp,computer screen,torch. Hope that helped :)

What is a vessels that give out light called?


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