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When dancing,the body temperature increases. To release the excess body heat,

the sweat glands secrete sweat on to the skin to reduce body temperature.

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Q: Explain why it is important that people sweat when dancing?
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Why is it important to drink water when you sweat?

Because sweat is water and without water the body dehydrates and you can become ill or die. As my grandmother always said, "People don't sweat. Horses sweat, people perspire.

Which sweat glands in dogs are the most important?

In the sweat glands.

Why are sweat lodges important to Native Americans?

Sweat logdes are important to native american indian beaucause it cleans them spiritually

Why do some people sweat a lot?

Some people sweat a lot because they exercise a lot or they have overactive sweat glands.

Do camels sweat when they are in a town?

no, they actually jump around in joy while dancing to Justin bieber - baby

Can fat people sweat oil from sweat glands?

Not normally.

Why dancing is a favourite hobby?

Because it's fun...and you may or may not sweat a lot...and it burns a lot of calories :/

Why do some people sweat when eating ground beef?

why do some people sweat when eating ground beef

Ballroom dancing hairstyles?

for latin dancing: spunky, sassy, and fun. for smooth: classy and elegant. try and keep it out of your face so it wont get stuck in your eyelashes, sweat, lipstick, etc...

Is it bad that people cant sweat?

Check a site called sweat solutions for your answer.

Do you sweat more because you are overweight?

It is not necessarily true that overweight people sweat more than average weight people. Sweat is determined by each individuals sweat glands, sex, how hot it is and the intensity of your workout.

Do you sweat in the pool?

Since the reason people sweat is to cool off, so it is likely people do not sweat in the pool because the water is already evaporating off of their skin.

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