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Q: How are the words geothermal and pyroclastic related to each other?
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What is a Related words to earths crust?

Words that are related to the crust of the earth might include mantle, plate tectonics, and mountain or volcano. Other words include layer, asthenosphere, horst, sima, and crustal plate.

Could releasing of geothermal energy from within the Earth's core cause a geological implosion of the Earth or in other words suck the surface of the Earth into its own core?

No. The Earth has been in the process of cooling for over 4.5 billion years. Use of some of that heat for a supply of geothermal energy is incredibly insignificant in that process.

What are some words that have the word part - geo?

geometric geometry geography geology geophysics geopolitical geocentric geologist geothermal geostationary

Why is geothermal energy so important?

It is clean, free and green. In other words, it uses the heat from deep below the earth to generate electricity that has no carbon dioxide emissions, which are harmful to the earth and are causing global warming. Geothermal energy, and green technologies like it, are important because they are low-risk, low-impact energy sources for us to use without polluting the environment. Geothermal Technology is better for the environment and your home. There are many advantages of Geothermal Technology. The underground loop carry warranties of 25 to 50 years! According to the U.S. Department of Energy, if just 100,000 homes converted to a geothermal heating and cooling system, carbon dioxide emissions could be reduced by 880 million pounds.

How does COโ‚‚ it affect the temperature of the earth?

There is now evidence that co2 and temperatures are not related. There was a period when the two were related, in other words, the temps rose as co2 levels did. But other times co2 rose, and temps dropped.

Related questions

Root origin of geothermal?

The root words of geothermal come from Greek. Geo is the Greek word for "earth". Thermal is the word for "heat". In other words, it means "earth heat".

What words have the root word geo?


Words that have geo in them?

geothermal, geography, geographic are a few...

What are lanslides vocablary words?

Ash, Pumice, Pyroclastic flows, lanslides and obviously lava

What words has therm in it?

thermal, thermostat, thermos, thermometer, geothermal

What words means pertaining to the internal heat of the earth?


What is geothermal?

AnswerThe word geothermal comes from the Greek words geo(earth) and therme(heat). So geothemal energy is heat from within the earth.It is used to heat homes, buildings, and other public areas. Alternatively, sometimes the heat is used to generate electricity. One country that uses geothermal energy regularly is Iceland.

What are some other words that is related to the word bad?

some words are :not good :dangeroiuse

How are these words are related solar geothermal nuclear fossil fuel hydroelectric?

hemisphere ,rock planets inner planets,otter planets,Saturn ,Venus,Earth, Mars,Jupiter,Neptune,and more

Words that start with the prefix geo?

Words that start with the prefix geo can be geothermal, geology, geocritical, and many more.

What are baby related words that start with g?

Gerber baby food is a baby related word. Other baby related words include grow chart, gate and grandparents.

What are some words that contain the root 'therm'?

The following words contain the root "therm": thermal, thermometer, geothermal, and thermodynamics.

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