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Humpback whales live in a wide range of ocean depths depending on a variety of factors. They typically inhabit depths of 200m to 1500m (660ft to 4920ft). In some areas they are found as deep as 2000m (6560ft). The depth at which humpbacks can be found varies based on their activity such as feeding and breeding. The depth of the ocean they inhabit also depends on the season with humpbacks spending the summer months in shallower waters and the winter months in deeper waters.

Humpback whales can dive to great depths in order to feed reaching as far down as 300m (984ft). During these dives they can remain underwater for up to 45 minutes. When feeding humpbacks usually dive to depths of 30m (98ft) to 60m (197ft) where they search for fish and plankton. They then swim to the surface with their mouths open and swallow their prey.

Humpback whales may also dive to deeper depths for other activities. For example when migrating humpbacks may dive to depths of 500m (1640ft) or more. On their journeys they can reach depths of up to 1500m (4920ft). They also use deep waters as a refuge from predators and to avoid rough weather.

In general humpback whales can be found in a wide range of ocean depths from 200m (660ft) to 2000m (6560ft) or more. The exact depths they inhabit depend on their activity season and location.

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Q: How deep do humpback whales live?
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